SCVRA Annual Meeting!

October 18-20, 2017

Embassy Suites Hotel
Kingston Plantation
9800 Queensway Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC

SCVRA Membership

SCVRA is an advocacy organization for the public vocational rehabilitation program, supporting its mission to provide quality services to people with disabilities. SCVRA’s funding comes from its membership and it is again time to ask for your support.

SCVRA dues make it possible to host an annual meeting to provide training, celebrate our successes, recognize business and industry, and provide networking opportunities for staff, business leaders and other advocates of the vocational rehabilitation program.

Pay online with your credit card, or pay with a check by filling out the membership form, printing it, and mailing it with your check to:

S.C. Vocational Rehabilitation Association
P.O. Box 3616
West Columbia, SC 29171

By supporting SCVRA, you support SCVRD, its clients and claimants.

The South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Association (SCVRA) is a support organization for the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department.